TOEFL tips

Tomorrow is my second time taking the TOEFL test. Hope it is the last time as well.

General tips

  • Take a deep breath and don’t panic.
  • Visualize what you read and what you listen.
  • Bring some snacks for the 10 min break.


  • Read the topic sentence first and then move on to the questions.
  • Fully understand the details in the first time you read cuz there’s no time or energy checking it backwards.
  • Write down the questions you are not sure. Check them in the end.
  • Don’t choose the option that never appears in the reading. Especially don’t use your own logic to over assume anything. You are usually wrong.


  • Take notes lest you fall asleep or lose concentration.
  • Read the question and its options in detail.
  • If you miss some points, eliminate unmentioned options first, and choose the most reasonable one.
  • Pay extra attention when you hear: but… however… or when the speaker change his tone.

Speaking 講好講滿即可

  • Give precise and complete answers.
  • Don’r rush, but also don’t pause while thinking about which word to use. Use your intuition.
  • Explain examples mentioned in the lecture in order. Don’t jump to the second one first.
  • Speak louder so that your intonation can be stressed.
  • Be more dramatic then you usually are.


  • Integrated part > 250 words.
    • Write down every detail you can possibly remember in order.
    • Write conclusion paragraph only if you have more than 5 min left.
  • Independent part > 400 words.
    • Make a brief outline in the beginning, and fill each part with topic sentence first.
    • Give examples in every body paragraph.
    • Restate your three points in the conclusion.
    • Leave 3 min for inspection.

Scores(comparing to 2014): R29(0) L28(-1) S27(+3) W27(-1) Total111(+1)

so glad that Speaking has passed the TA requirement for some schools:)